Pentagon Service and Installation

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Atlas Copco maintenance


Pentagon Service and Installation is a dedicated organization established within the air industry committed to providing speed, quality and knowledge for air, gas, oil, vacuum, and water.

With over 80 years of experience within our team, we are highly equipped to cater to any amount of your needs. Our personnel possess extensive skill, knowledge and expertise in air compressor servicing and maintenance and the execution of air infrastructure projects.
Compressed air systems
With years of experience in different industries that require compressed air, our team is well equipped to give you the best solution to your problem.
Gas maintenance and service
Access to professional products and knowledge gives us the ability to give you peace of mind about your pressurized gas install.
Oil servicing and maintenance
A necessity for numerous industries, we have the ability and proficiency to supply you with installation and servicing solutions.
Water maintenance and servicing
Sometimes neglected, water is key for many types of production. We have the capability and expertise to deliver on installation and servicing.
Vacuum maintenance and servicing
One of the many essential services required by manufacturing, we have the skill required to diagnose any problem and deliver a solution for your vacuum pump and system.


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